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Essex County
Wineries & Breweries

Logo design, tagline, and website consultation.

"Your taste of the county."

The goal of ECWB is to promote and educate the public about our great wine making region by tasting and sampling wines, beers and food of the Essex County area.

Once a week, ECWB features a wine or beer from one of the local vineyards, and pairs it with a great appetizer or entrée that is sure to please any palate.

This tagline captures the essence of good times, with great food and drink in the Essex County Wine region.

The B Stands
for Breweries

Formally known as Essex County Wineries, ECWB knew there was more the region had to offer. To showcase all of the great brews in the area, a rebrand was the logical choice.

Now featuring over 15 breweries in Windsor Essex County, ECWB was born. The transition from to now makes it easier for tourists, and locals alike to read about pairings, find accommodations, and visit top-rated restaurants.

And with a new name, a new logo was crafted!